Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Google Business Pages – The Holy Grail of Social Profiles.

I’m sure a lot of you would be thinking that its an overkill reaction to call the G+ Business Pages the Holy Grail. Honestly I am still figuring out the Business implication and model to use this new product from Google. What really excited me is the daring decision by Google to rewrite the code for the search engine, changing a tradition which has been used for over fifteen years and taking the ‘+’ sign (called operand) out of the search queries.

Initially it was believed that Google was promoting the (+) sign in assumption of the +1 button popularity and also with a symbolic meaning - to add people to your network. But now with the (+) sign out of the search engine queries Google has just unleashed a Demi-God for social media search engine & created a direct connection, unsurprisingly called “Google Direct Connect” which allows those who look for a business page to find its G+ profile straight from Google search. All they have to do is place ‘+’ in front of the page/brand/company name as in: +TheSocialPeople or +AngryBird and they will be taken straight to the respective G+ profile.

Now I guess I’ve justified my excitement to call this as THE HOLY GRAIL of Social Profiles, and I’m sure my fellow marketers would agree to this. To give an idea to those of you who’re still able to get the big picture of how important this is, think that when you create a Business Page on Facebook; you need to go through lengthy social media strategies to increase dynamics like likes, comments and shares in order to increase its EdgeRank or Klout Score. Apart from this you’d also have to depend on a lot of tools and apps to have it profiled high on Facebook so that it can appear the moment someone types “Facebook (Page Name)” or any other keyword associated with it.

With this crazy initiative of G+ Business Pages all these pains have practically gone! All one needs to do is create a G+ business page, and anyone on search typing +’Company Name or G+ Business page name’ will be able to go straight from Google search to the Page’s profile on G+.

Well there may be a flip side to this but why not just create a profile and research. I’ve just created my Google Business Page, have you?

Keep your screams and thoughts flowing. Cheers!

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