Friday, November 18, 2011

Microsoft's Social Network 'Socl' - Coming Soon!

Back in July, Microsoft Corp. accidentally revealed its secret social network ‘Socl’ formerly known as ‘Tulalip’. Microsoft had prematurely published a splash page introducing people to the network. The page was taken down immediately, and replaced with a note to the public acknowledging the project.

The Verge has posted some new details which confirm that Microsoft is indeed working on ‘Socl’, a social network focused on search and sharing. Socl’s interface and color scheme looks a lot like other social networking sites. It has a three column layout with basic navigation in the left, a social feed in the middle, and invites and video chat on the right.

Socl is not designed as a “full” social network, rather the focus is on collaborative consumption. The Verge reports that there’s not much communication and interaction between users on Socl; no private messages, no @replies, and none of the curated, semi-private groups like Google’s circles. However, Microsoft is nearing the end of Socl private testing period and will roll this out to a bigger public audience through an invite system soon.

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