Monday, December 26, 2011

Social Media in 2011 by TheSocialPeople


  1. I have strong doubt....
    Like Orkut will Facebook and twitter will disappear.?

  2. Hi Tesmin, I din't really get your doubt right. If you fear that Facebook and Twitter may end up like Orkut, I can very confidently state that this may not happen at-least in the near future.

    What happened with Orkut is the same as to what happened with the Dinosaurs. Like them Orkut was a crude and very raw form of social networking portal that failed to evolve. On the other hand Facebook & Twitter were a hit and will continue to do so as they're evolving continually with all possible means of interactive & collaborative tools. Today Facebook and Twitter have become an essential part of our life and on how we socialize and communicate.

    Do read my blog post in this context:

    I really hope I've addressed your question, if not, please do rephrase it and scream back.

    Viral Thaker

  3. Thanks viral...i have read the blog post,really informative.

    But Now i have an other doubt ,if a Social network launch that have more facilities and functionality that attract more users to move to that,and users that entering into FB and TW goes down...will FB and TW sustain?

  4. Hi Tesmin, Glad you found it informative. Your question is quite hypothetical yet nonetheless a good one! So I'll have support your hypothesis as well as it's corollary.

    Hypothesis - Yes! this eventual erosion of users would happen on Facebook and Twitter or any social network in that case. This is the lifecycle of any product. It will someday be replaced with something better and simpler. Just like today Social Media is replacing the traditional ways of communication.

    Corollary - The rate at which Facebook and Twitter are developing, as I had mentioned I don't see this end of life phase for them at least in the near future at. I'd say a decade as an assurance & if they complete a decade still continue to evolve, then they're here to stay for a longer time.