Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Social Media Can Help You Be Fashion Forward

You know I often wonder that if designers had the means to gauge public opinion in the pre-social media era, would fashion crimes such as baggy pants, platform sneakers or shoulder pads, ever exist?

Today, networking sites, style blogs and such other social media avenues have given shopping for clothes a real facelift. Trends can catch on as fast as a viral video thanks to online sharing. And designers too acknowledge the voice of the consumer rather than simply thrusting a creation in their face.
I couldn’t help noticing four significant ways by which social media helps lead fashion trends.

1. Almost all the major fashion houses, retail chains and independent designers actively engage consumers through regular posts and updates on their latest collections. By encouraging comments from viewers they may also be able to determine the success rate of a trend even before it is introduced into the market.

2. Many designers and retailers today intelligently use the medium to find out and give the people precisely what they are looking for. Take Marc Jacobs and Ann Taylor for instance. After several consumers tweeted about wanting plus size clothing from Marc Jacobs, the designer decided to launch a line dedicated to women over size 14. LOFT by Ann Taylor too introduced a range of sizes in pants after women posted comments on Facebook pointing out that the said pair looked great on tall skinny models alone.

3. With a constant eye on the latest fashion hits and misses, celeb style watch and, attractive hauls & giveaways, several women on Youtube have been able to establish themselves as fashion gurus. These women are not only popular but somewhat opinion makers too. Style blogger Dulce Candy was even featured in Seventeen magazine.

(Source: You Tube)

4. I think the best thing about social media and fashion however, is the way it has opened doors for many young designers looking for inexpensive ways to reach out to potential customers. With an online existence, constant sharing of ideas and ready feedback, small scale designers can establish a sustainable business with the help of social media.

In what other ways do you think social media can influence fashion trends?

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