Friday, May 11, 2012

Are you a Facebook Addict?

Researchers in Norway have developed a psychological scale to determine whether or not you are a Facebook addict. This first of its kind study has also found a relation between sleep patterns (sleeping or waking late), age (youth tend to be more glued to FB), gender (women are more prone to FB addiction), negative emotions (anxiety, insecurity etc.) and personality types (extroverts, less organized) and addiction to Facebook.  

Known as the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale, the test measures addiction on 6 basic criteria wherein the participants must choose one of the following five responses: 1) Very rarely 2) Rarely 3) Sometimes 4) Often 5) Very OftenChoosing 'Often' or 'Very Often' on four out of six indicates addiction. So, are you a Facebook Addict? Take the test and find your result.
  1. You spend a lot of time thinking about Facebook or planning how to use it.
  2. You feel an urge to use Facebook more and more.
  3. You use Facebook in order to forget about personal problems.
  4. You have tried to cut down on the use of Facebook without success.
  5. You become restless or troubled if you are prohibited from using Facebook.
  6. You use Facebook so much that it has had a negative impact on your job/studies.
Do you think the test is conclusive and accurate? Should there be more number of criteria on the list? What was your score?

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  1. There should be more number of criteria on list.