Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is IT Shy of Social Media?

It’s interesting to find that in an age when social media activity is quite frankly, a necessity, there are certain industries that still haven’t managed to understand the purpose of social media strategizing and management.  Take the IT sectors for instance. Most seem to dilute its understanding to nothing more than promotions similar to Google Ads or other online marketing tools with negligible returns.  Brand building over the internet is something they do not comprehend and are often conservative about the whole approach.

It is a curious behavior considering that for a business provider, social media presence goes a long way in fostering lasting relationships with prospective and existing clients. One can keep a tab on the brand’s online reputation, facilitate quicker ROI and measure the success of various marketing tactics, all online.

From the customer’s point of view too, the presence of a brand on a social media platform ensures that there is a direct relationship between the customer and the company. Grievances can be immediately vented. And hence, quickly resolved.

All of this provides an insight into the consumer’s mindset, expectations and behavior which can be utilized to the benefit of the business.  Building online visibility creates a strong foundation ensuring more followers. The conversation point can easily be nudged into conversion point, and steadily increases brand loyalty.  Having a stable position over social media platforms helps gain recognition as a thought leader and ultimately leads to revenue flow.

But despite this new development in marketing practice, many marketers are still grappling with the digital boom. It’s about time they jump onto the social media bandwagon and do enough homework to distinguish between advertising and social media strategizing.

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