Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Watch: KKR Finally Gets It

And the IPL season comes to an end. Strategy, sales, promotion, endorsements, star power- IPL is a stellar example of how it all comes together to create nationwide impact. Year- after-year. Thankfully though, it is over and people can finally move on with their lives.

Last night, IPL saw the maiden victory of Kolkata Knight Riders after a wait of five long years. And the news has been trending on all social networking sites since then.

With 990,298  Likes on Facebook and 108, 760 followers on Twitter, KKR has attracted tweets and posts from all corners, especially after the win.

What’s interesting to note is that despite its shoddy performance in the past, KKR has always managed to score better than other teams, media-wise. There’s always something new to engage the public. Be it poking fun at your own dismal performance or selling phones, KKR has managed to maintain a buzz.

This year too, armed with a new logo, fresh look and better marketing practices, the Kolkata Knight Riders have perhaps emerged as one of the most striking brands within IPL.  As a business, it has been able to add value to their sponsors. And the victory is the proverbial cherry on the cake. 

However despite having a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, a conscious pursued presence on Youtube has been overlooked. Therefore it will be interesting to see how the win is further utilized in their future communication with fans. What avenues are included and what new dimensions are incorporated in their promotional tactics. 

Until then, join the celebrations! Watch the video here.

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