Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting to Know Our Fan of the Week

The more we meet our fans, the more we stand amazed. Each of them hail from different backgrounds and have their own individual take on social media. It's a great mix and thank you for staying connected. 

This week, let's say hello to Kasturi Banerjee Mukhopadhyay- a loyal follower with the highest points on our Facebook page. 

A singer, meditation instructor and a homemaker, Kasturi knows her away around social media and is quite vocal about her thoughts. Something we truly appreciate. 

So is she active on social media? Well, she likes to blog and enjoys being on Facebook and Twitter. Usually online in the afternoons, Kasturi loves the fact that all the latest news, interesting anecdotes, etc. find space on social networks first. In her words, "Mobile networks fail you when you need it the most, but you'll always know what's happening in other parts of the country and the world on Facebook." She also sights the example of the recent earthquake tremors that were felt in Chennai. While cellphones were jammed and the cable was out, she could send and receive messages through social networking sites. 

So does she have any fun idea that ought to be incorporated on Facebook or Twitter? "Perhaps background music of one's own choice. It would be a nice addition," she opines. 

And what does she have to say about TheSocialPeople? "The posts are really interesting and on diverse topics. It's easy to understand and informative as well. I wish the team all the best. Keep it up!"

Thanks Kasturi! Stay connected! 

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