Thursday, June 28, 2012

Social Education- News, Views and a Launch

At TheSocialPeople we have been observing and rooting for digitalization of classrooms and the increased use of social media in the education sector for quite some time. Our curiosity led us to a few interesting findings.

For instance, upon surveying more than 100 individuals from different age groups we were able to gain perspective on the current state in the education sector and the impact of social media in the future in this field.
And while one may presume that most people are high users of social media channels, the results showed that nearly 40% of them did not use social media for more than an hour. However about 65% people stated that education needed socialization.

Of course the study revealed much more than just this. And we shall keep you posted about it all. But we’d also love to hear what you have to say.
·         How useful will the advent of social media in schools prove to be?
·         At what level should it be introduced in classrooms?

We’re eager to hear your views and equally excited to share with you details of a pet project we’ve been working on in the background. Stay tuned!

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