Thursday, June 14, 2012

Talking about Social Media in Everyday Life....

Social media has come integral to everyday life in more ways than one.

Need to buy a car? Seek opinions online. Want to eat out? Check ratings first. Need to select a dress? Upload pic on Facebook. Select a university? Post questions on the university forum. Redecorating the apartment? Find designers social networks. The list is endless. All that one needs now is a grocer on Facebook . Oh wait, that already exists!

It was a happy surprise to find several grocery shops online. While many still are struggling with followers, it is by itself amazing to find your absolute daily needs delivered to your doorstep at the click of a mouse. Be it rice or ketchup, moisturizer or toilet cleaners, you can actually choose the brand you prefer and have it sent to your home with the option of cash or card payment upon delivery.

What’s more, most of them have a presence on social networks too which makes it very easy to choose the best depending of course on the following each one garners and the opinions on the wall. Take for instance Delhi based that has more than 16,000 likes of Facebook and is the winner of the PRSI National Award 2011 in the social media category. Then there’s, a relatively new entrant in this field with a presence on Facebook where customers can leave messages for items they would love to see included on the site. Mumbai based also offers discounts.

Not only this, there are also several apps available for download that make grocery purchases quick and easy.  Apps like Grocery IQ and Grocery Gadget.  So if Mum hasn’t quite taken to the internet and technology yet, this might be the biggest bait.

Have you ever tried out such a service? Was it helpful? Let us know.

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