Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Your Social Media Strategist Ought to Know

Yes, promoting your business on social media has become imperative. However, without understanding the skill involved in social media communication, you could push away consumers faster than you think.

Here are a few basics you ought to keep in mind:

1.       Many companies today choose to exist across all social media platforms, but often are active on only a few.  What is important to note here is that the platform may not be conducive for your business and hence you are effectively losing out on consumers that are more viable and with a presence on networks related to your work.

2.       Let’s say you’re active on every social network, it still has its pitfalls. When it comes to social media strategy one needs to be clear about the target audience and the best catchment source online. This means that if you’re all over the place and not getting your due, it’s time to step back and rethink your strategy. You need to do your homework. You need to be smart. Instead of marketing your brand across every available medium, it’s wise to choose the ones that fit you best and promote aggressively on that particular platform.

3.       Most companies often engage the audience with content entirely unrelated to their brand. Let’s understand one thing- someone hit the LIKE button for a reason. Sharing the pic of a cat playing the piano won’t help retain your fans or take your brand further.

4.       Learn to listen. Brands that spend more time talking about themselves than lending an ear to an aggrieved consumer will earn that negative reputation in no time.

5.       Watch how much content you share. Too much of anything isn’t good and when it comes to branding, too much promotion may dilute the impact. Knowing how and how much to speak needs to be an important part of your social media strategy.


  1. Thanks for these guidelines. I'm sure it will help many out there.

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  3. Very interesting post, with some very clear cut use cases. Loved the clarity in the post.