Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dirty Facebook? Now you have an App to Clean it Up!

Did you have a wild weekend or are there photos of you tagged doing things you might not want everyone to see?  Are you just about the head out to a job interview and you’re not sure about some of the old content on your  Facebook page?  Some people, including potential employers might think it’s inappropriate.

But, there’s an app for that. It’s called “Simple Wash” and it can help you clean up your Facebook profile.

A few simple clicks of the mouse will wash your social network's mouth out with soap via FaceWash's precompiled list of "dirty" words (sex, drugs, cursing), or a personalized word list into which users have full range over what terms they'd like to eliminate.

The app will search through comments posted on your wall or remarks left on photos you've been tagged in, as well as photos you've posted, links and pictures you've liked, status updates, and pages of which you are a "fan."
Results are returned in conceptual chunks, highlighting specific terms and providing a direct link to the post, where users can delete or privatize the message.

Not every post SimpleWash picks up will be something you want to remove (i.e., when I ran it, "crack me up" often got picked up as a potential drug reference), but it's a good way to quickly review the messages you're sending to the world.

Oh, but SimpleWash only detects words. So for now, you'll still have to filter out those old college party photos on your own.

Get SimpleWash for Facebook and Twitter. The Twitter version is currently in Beta, but if you're desperate to clean up your feed, just shoot the company a tweet.

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