Thursday, December 1, 2011

Say goodbye to Google's black bar

The black navigation bar found at the top of every Google page has been annoying some users since its very debut, but don't worry — it's about to be old news.

Its replacement? A simple gray bar with a drop-down menu hidden underneath the Google logo.

According to the Official Google Blog, this changing of the guard is part of the company's ongoing redesign — which includes new looks for Search, News, Maps, Gmail and other Google products.

The new navigation bar will include three key features: A drop-down menu hidden under the Google logo, a search box for whichever Google service you're using at the moment and a section for Google+ share and notification tools.

Here's how all those things function together:

Much more appealing than the intrusive black navigation bar, no?

By the way: You shouldn't panic if you're still seeing the old black Google bar. The new one is being rolled out gradually, so it may be a while before it gets to you.

(Source: Technolog)

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