Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why the Education sector is keen to adopt Social Media?

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According to a recent Gartner report, Education seems to be a early adopter of social media. In fact it stands second to only media in the social media adoption. The findings are not surprising considering that most people below the age of 25 are very active on social media.

In the UK many school children are said to discussing their homework assignments on Facebook. Facebook is actually very popular across age groups but sees the highest activity in the 15-30 age group. many educational institutions have taken advantage of this trend and are heavily connecting with prospective students through their pages.

Harvard University for example has more than 1 million likes on their page on Facebook. They also are present on other social networks including You tube, twitter, Google +, Flick, Stumpleupon and Four Square.
One actually take a virtual tour of Harvard through an app which can be used on any smart phone.

In Spain many medical students are using Facebook to discuss medical cases. They have actually formed a closed group in which cases are uploaded along with diagnostic charts and radio graphs and cases discussed. This group is actually helping the students to prepare for examinations like the US MLE.

Many self help channels on You Tube have also been created. One such channel that I subscribe to is the David Lloyd Tennis school. They have excellent videos on important aspects of tennis like Serve and volley and I use them constant to improve aspects of my game.

I would like to hear your views, What else can be achieved through social media? Can the quality of education be improved by using social networks? How can consulting firms help in educators developing their social media blue print? I would like to hear your views on this topic.


  1. Dr. Vikram: Social Media, can now be termed as a viral media...where information spreads like a virus, sometimes even faster...
    One of the best marketing tools generating hot leads for the business...( the reason why it limits when accessed free - in many cases)
    Quality of education can be dependant on what is catching the customers' the total suite of social media..Quality does improve if one follows and can identify the perfect one to track regularly..
    Consulting firms, should choose the media depending on the service offered and the target audience for the same. This would produce the best result.

  2. Hi Atish, those were some very good insights. I agree that it will be important to choose which medium to follow and even more important to make the process simple.