Friday, April 20, 2012

Babies with Blogs!

Equipped with their own individual accounts, Celina Jaitley’s twins are the latest celebrity babies to join the Twitter bandwagon.  The kids are less than a month old.

While celebs posting pictures of their children is a fairly common practice and accounts for new born babies is also laced with generous amounts of cute, one can’t help but wonder if it’s not a little too soon.  More and more parents today are taking to baby blogging to chronicle every little discovery and development of their new born child.

Not only Twitter, but sites such as Totspot, Wee Web, Baveo or Kidmondo allow you to showcase everything special about your child- from weight to awards.  With several useful features to share photos and videos, and beautiful designs, these online journals enjoy a fair share of following and have turned out to be out- and- out social networks for babies.  Share news, views, and stay connected with our parents and their babies. For example, if you've tried out a product from say, The Honest Company, you can always share the news within your network and other parents are sure to pick up on it. 

Take Wee Web for instance. The site (now with a special app for iPhone) has a timeline for updates which are limited to 140 characters each. No prizes for guessing the inspiration behind the idea. Sharing content however, happens on an ‘invite only’ basis, letting you have the complete control over who gets to access your child’s information. 

It’s an interesting idea, if you want to record and share a child’s every move with family spread all over the world or with close friends. And perhaps is a very logical extension of the concept of the social network in today’s digitized world too. But one can’t help but still wonder if such sites are secure enough to protect such precious details about your baby.

And what would the infants themselves have to say about this, that is, if they could speak?  Having the world peep into their life from the time they were born, means that a sizeable chunk of privacy has already been compromised. Something that the children might not appreciate as they grow older.

What do you think about this trend? Cute or crazy? 

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  1. I donno, but somehow i don't think its a good idea to put a baby's details on the net. One never knows who is taking a look at them.