Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting to Know Our Fan of the Week

Hello world, meet Kaustubh Bhake our witty Fan of the Week!

An Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from Nagpur, studying at SIBM Bangalore and pursuing Marketing as his area of specialization (phew!), Kaustubh isn’t as serious as these labels suggest.

The man likes his regular dose of theatre, street plays included. And when he is not working or answering questions for a certain Fan of the Week post, Kaustubh loves to groove to rock music or lives up to his serious image by watching documentaries.

So how active is he on social media? Kaustubh prefers Facebook and maintains an on and off relationship with LinkedIn. “Facebook gives you almost everything that you want,” says Kaustubh, “You can interact with friends, share views, and news about your latest travels and of course know what everyone else is up to.” LinkedIn he admits is just for professional reasons and he still hasn’t quite bothered much about it.

Being a student he pretty much lives online. At least two hours a day, is what he says. And he can’t help but notice the growing number of people today who access Facebook through their cellphones.

So does this marketing and theatre enthusiast have any interesting idea he’d love for a social networking site to incorporate? Kaustubh would like to see if a site can play music via the radio while we search and surf. Erm, kinda like the background score you need while driving. And it would be interesting, he says, if we could have super entrance themes when we enter a community just like WWE!

Is Facebook listening?

The rock lover in him can’t do without the Tune Wiki App, which plays songs from his playlist and automatically find the lyrics for the same over the internet. And then of course, there’s a app to stay updated on the news.

Kaustubh can’t help but notice how connected people are to their social network. “When earthquake tremors were felt in some parts of India last week, Facebook got the first whiff!  Weird na?” he says.
And what does he think about TheSocialPeople? Of course, he really loves it. Especially the posts on Facebook that he finds both informative and funny. The people, too, he thinks are quite talented. *humbly bow*

“All my hearty best wishes to team TSP,” he signs off. And best wishes to you too!

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