Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Watch: Five Apps You Wouldn't Want to Delete

This weekend, we decided to put together a list of apps that are surprisingly simple in concept, amazingly addictive, and very clever. You won’t be removing any of these at any time from your phone. Check them out!

1.      Paper Toss
Yep, this iPhone, Android app is exactly like it sounds. Crumple a piece of paper, toss it in the waste bin and compare scores with your friends. On your phone. This classic game to pass time at work is just as addictive as the real experience.  Especially with the extra features that recreate the office environment-  verbal abuse from co-workers, various office-like sounds and also a fan with varying speeds to affect the paper toss.  Once you start, it’ll be hard to stop.

 2.The Imppossible Game
The fact that this is perhaps one of the hardest games ever, makes it all the more addictive. Guide a bright orange square along a series of barriers and hurdles to get to the next level. A small mistake and you can find yourself back at the starting line. An Xbox Live Indie Game and a popular app for iPhone, The Impossible Game is also available for Android users.

3.     Path
It’s a journal that functions like a regular social networking site.  Share the music you’re listening to, where you’re at, who’s with you, when you go to sleep, the time you wake up…Path lets you share it on your journal page and also has the option to share it on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

4.       Dragon Dictation
We love this one! Feel too bored to text? Get the Dragon Dictation app and save plenty of typing time. It’s a voice recognition application that allows you to dictate your message, status update or memo and the text instantly shows up on screen. You can then email your message, or submit it to your Facebook or Twitter page. It’s fast and simple and supported by plenty of global languages.

5.    Red Laser
A must-have app for every shopaholic! Scan the bar code of the item you’d like to purchase and it throws up a list of stores where it’s available. You can compare prices and also find online and offline retailers who stock the item of your choice. Definitely makes shopping quicker and smarter. Take a look!

Know of any other interesting apps. Give us a shout! 

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