Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why We May No Longer Need Substitute Teachers

Digital education is constantly reinventing itself to create more practical learning experiences. Distance doesn't seem to be a hindrance anymore. With interactive new additions such as Google Hangouts in the field of education, a teacher can be personally involved with a student, conduct Q&A sessions and monitor a student's progress, without being physically present in the classroom. If used intelligently Google Hangouts has the power to do away with the substitute teacher!

Throw in features from Hangouts with Extras, and you can also integrate Google Docs, Notes and Sketchpad. With Hangouts on Air, you can also record a hangout for later viewing. Such social learning tools are a welcome phenomena that creates a rich learning atmosphere. What do you say? Do you know of such other tools that can enhance classroom learning?


  1. Most of the time we seem to be aware of what's available to us on the net but seldom put it to use. You've induced me to go take a second and more attentive look at what I can do with my Google account...

    1. Indeed.. upon reading this I only wonder how much Google has developed from a search engine to a social phenomenon that is bringing everyone of us together..