Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Watch

Here's what we mulled over this weekend:

Facebook Acquires Instagram 

The news garnered mixed response from across the world. Several rooted in favour of the acquisition  while many others feared it might dilute the very reason that made this photo sharing app popular. Facebook seemed to be touted as the big bad wolf and Instagram, the poor helpless lamb.

It certainly is hot news, but one wonders if Instagram was ever big enough to pose as competition to Facebook? Did Facebook need to fear this app so much as to buy it out? And is the acquisition as much of a bad news as it is made out to be?

Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he’d be working with the team more closely and help it grow independently as well. This seems to be a smarter move than integrating all the features of the app to the social networking site. And can also prove to be good news for Instagram users. Face it, it was a simple app that grabbed attention mainly for being the first of its kind. With the experience, infrastructure and engineering available with Facebook, there could be a lot more to look forward to than rebel against.

What do you think about this?

Google+ Has a New Look

Oodles of white space to create a “simpler, more beautiful Google”, a ribbon of apps on the left that can be dragged to arrange in the order you want, and live video on Hangouts are some of the new features that are grabbing eyeballs.  Another interesting addition is the Explore page that shows what’s trending across the network.

It’s clean and simplistic with a host of interesting new features. Check out the video posted on the official blog.

Like the new look? Let us know. 

Spotted any other interesting development over the week? Give us a shout.

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