Saturday, May 5, 2012

Getting to Know Our Fan of the Week

Greetings fellow followers! And say hello to Anil Jangra our loyal fan of the week with the highest points so far!

Uncomplicated, intelligent and fun-loving, Anil admittedly spends a good part of his day on Facebook.

“I use LinkdIn only to maintain a professional network, since you’re often recommended by people over this site. And since Twitter is great for viral networking, I use it to post interesting topics I come across. But Facebook is what I use to stay in touch with my friends,” says Anil, cleverly categorizing his use of the social media as per his needs.

 A regular non-fussy bloke, Anil is a big fan of the popular Angry Birds app and finds Google Latitude quite useful.  Fun cartoons, pictures, one-liners, our fan quite enjoys his daily dose of chuckle over Facebook.

And what does he think about TheSocialPeople? "TheSocialPeople is a place where you find plenty of amazing little bits of information. The posts are useful and it’s a great place to pick up pointers to fully enjoy the social media sphere," he says. 

Thanks Anil and do stay tuned for more!

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